Correct colour......

At Artisan, we strongly believe that correct colour management really does provide everyone with tangible benefits that really work, and are cost effective.

Correct colour starts here with either a digital camera or a drum scanner being individually profiled; this means that colours and tone are recorded as seen at the time of capture or scanning. This procedure results in extremely accurate digital files, capable of being edited within a properly maintained digital workflow.

Look at the photograph of a corner of the digital studio at Artisan Digital Services. You will notice that the room is colourless except for the colour grey.

The 5000 Kelvin viewing booth on the left contains a colour print, made by our proofing printer that's been colour profiled. This matches the picture on the monitor in the centre. This is because the monitor has been calibrated and profiled to display the original digital capture RGB file accurately.

The room lighting, the room colour, the viewing booth, the proofing printer and the monitor are all working to a common standard of colour management; resulting in what we can safely call correct colour. This is a good ICC colour workflow in action. No more guessing and just hoping your colour is really is right!

We can help you with many colour management issues so that what you see on screen prints out....just ask us for guidance.

The digital editing studio with full colour management A corner of the Artisan digital editing studio