Drum scanning......

If your responsibility is the preservation by film scanning of an
important film archive for posterity, you should bear in mind that
any information not in the scan at the moment of scanning is lost
forever! Sadly, many digital archives have been unknowingly
compromised because this fact has not properly understood.

Drum scanning is recognised by museum professionals and other
demanding users as being the very best method of digitising film.
If you need scans that retain all the detail that the film holds, then
nothing less than the very best drum scans should be your aim..

Real drum scans only come from scanners that use photo multiplier tube technology. Their very many advantages include being able to record the film's information considerably more accurately than any CCD scanner is capable of.   So called 'Virtual drum scanners' are simply CCD scanners with a 'misleading' marketing name.

In the picture opposite a drum loaded with film is being placed into one of our two Heidelberg PrimeScan high resolution drum scanners in the clean loading room. These $70,000 drum scanners are state of the art and allow us to produce scans of superlative quality from film and flat artwork of up to A2plus in size.

If you are interested in learning more about scanning, the next page provides additional insights into this important subject.

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loading film into a drum scanner

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