Clients have their say......

John Roland - Salt of the Earth (Giclée Printers)
I have worked with Richard for many years, and we share the same passion to 'get it right' when it comes to reproducing a work of art. Richard's attention to detail ensures he gets the most out of this amazing new technology.
Brent Johnson
I was dubious that the bright colours of my paintings could be captured digitally; Richard proved me wrong, and Artisan's highly accurate colour reproduction really does justice to the originals. Their work is my benchmark for what can be achieved in terms of capturing detail, colour, texture and clarity.
Ben James
Attention to detail, quality of deliverables and value for money distinguish Artisan as an indispensable specialist service in the uncompromising realm of fine art photography.
Keith Laban
Discovering the excellent service offered by Artisan has been liberating.
Simon Brown
I am REALLY impressed with these scans; they are so clean, the subtlety of tone is excellent and as the brightness range on the transparencies was so great I think the final result is remarkable.
Paul Debois
Amazed by the amount of detail retained in the shadows.
Jim Cooke
I have just seen the first tests from the scans.....they look fantastic. All the grain....just what the doctor ordered. Thank you for your attention to detail.
Julian Bolt
The scans look great, especially the birch trees, where you've managed to get all those really nice pastel tones at the top end. That's exactly what I was hoping for.
Graeme Bulcraig - Touch Digital Ltd
Many thanks for the drum scans which arrived yesterday. Perfect as always.
Chris Harrison Oslo, Norway
They are fantastic, the colours are spot on which has always been a problem before. The best compliment I can pay is that because of the scan quality my prints look 3D! .
Adrian Tyler - Madrid
I've been working with ADS for four years, after trying several options, in the USA and Europe. They have a superior understanding of my requirements, and combine their experience with an up-to-the-minute know how of ICC profile based colour management expertise. In addition to this, their total commitment to quality is driven by their Client's aesthetic requirements, which makes working with them a Real pleasure. I would confidently recommend ADS.

Richard Kenward and Adrian Tyler discuss digital files at the Max Estrella Fine art gallery in Madrid Artisan's Richard Kenward in discussion with Adrian Tyler at the Max Estrella Fine art gallery in Madrid. We produced all of the digital files for Adrian's highly acclaimed major one-man exhibition there.