Copying pictures......

If you are responsible for commissioning photography of pictures, be they old master easel paintings, delicate water-colours, pencil drawings or acrylics, you will immediately appreciate the various difficulties involved. Very likely, you will also have experienced time consuming delays, and costly disappointments that all too often accompany such projects. Time for a change.....

Our specialist, large format digital photography overcomes all the shortcomings of working with film....even transparencies as large as 10"x8". The result is the full retention of the clarity, and all the subtle variations of colour, and tone of your originals, with an accuracy simply not achievable in any other way.

Having a record of this quality and fidelity is your best possible 'insurance policy', should disaster strike. The clarity of detail, even at extreme magnifications is amazing. It's also the ideal reference when proceeding with important restoration projects.

Our digital images, supplied on special gold archival grade disks, are suitable for every requirement you may have. Small for web site use, and for every kind and size of publication. Also, full size fine art prints can be prepared for limited edition print sales.

On the following page, we explain a few of our techniques and approach to the work of picture copying. We also present some examples for you to examine in close-up detail.

All your questions are welcomed. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your particular needs.

copying in the studio with a Betterlight digital camera Studio picture copying in progress

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